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MOCCA is the first research and staff exchanges programme on multilevel and interdisciplinary study of (anti-) corruption, consisting of 8 European universities and 9 associated partners from Central Asia that come from academia, government anti-corruption bodies, business ombudsman, international/multigovernmental dialogue organizations, law enforcement, civil society and anti-corruption NGOs, development actors and business sector.

In addition to being interdisciplinary, MOCCA also positions itself as a multilevel investigation of corruption based on an overarching framework that enables us to study and understand (anti-) corruption on various levels (global, national, meso and micro levels). This framework allows MOCCA team to to examine the complex articulation and interdependencies between:

  • global, transnational anti-corruption laws, initiatives, discourses and institutions,
  • national/central-level initiatives, policies and laws and
  • local, meso- and micro-level social norms and practices.

By proposing to develop an interdisciplinary, multi-sited and multisectoral research and staff exchanges programme, MOCCA will contribute to strengthening the European innovation capacity and propose a model for an innovative research capacity-building programme in the field of anti-corruption that can be used not only in Central Asian context but also in other geographic contexts.